Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Day 6


Grade 7 Agenda:


Test Tomorrow: Energy Unit

  • Energy Project Product - due Monday

Do Now:


Questions RE; Test material

Progress check on Project

Each Project Must:

  1. Have graphic representation of the house or vehicle you focused on.

    • hand made

    • shows key details (see #2)

  2. 5 to 7 features or details pointed out that:

    • save energy

    • reduce pollution

    • eliminate or reduce the need for fossil fuels

  3. Each feature must.

    1. Be drawn or represented with downloaded images

    2. have a caption that explains it and how it achieves the goal(s) above

    3. Be researched and based on real technologies that you sourced

  4. General

    • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation should be perfect

    • all work is neat and well made

    • color and detail touches to make an appealing product produce a positive first impression


  • ASSESSMENT of community service

Grade 8 Agenda:


Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Worksheet due tomorrow

Do Now:

  1. Get your copy of the Lesson Outline Homework collected yesterday.

  2. Open up to your Darwin’s Dangerous Idea Responses.

  3. complete the short comprehension quiz


Darwin’s dangerous Idea: Adaptations in the rain-forest

Five Principles of Natural Selection