Friday, May 17, 2019. Day 5


Crazy Hair Day count

Grade 8 Agenda:


Do Now:


Bugs Data Table

Play four rounds

20 second “hunt” followed by data collection

the rules:

  1. The hunt lasts twenty seconds

    • set a timer

  2. each predator may use one set of tweezers

    • one hand only

    • no interfering with other predators

  3. Start the timer and gather as many “bugs as possible

    • put them in your cup.

    • Only bugs in your cup count - drops do not and get returned to the landscape

  4. When time is up…

    • count the number of bugs you captured and record this on your data table

    • copy the results of your other group members

    • Calculate the total number of bugs caught

  5. calculate the percentage caught by each team member and make sure they sum to 100

  6. Now count the survivors on the landscape!

    • dump all the surviving bugs onto the tray.

    • Separate them by color

    • count and record the number of each color

  7. total the number of survivors and calculate percentages.

  8. Reproduce by adding two of the same color for every surviving bug

  9. Mix and scatter

  10. replay the next round starting at step 1!


Grade 7 Agenda:


Key concept builder worksheet due Monday

use the online textbook as a resource

Do Now:


Online Quiz - Electric Charges and Forces

Login to MH and look for the quiz assignment in homework

complete the worksheet (key concept builder) when done

Peoples choice awards

can racing