Thursday, May 16, 2019. Day 4


Grade 7 Agenda:


Quiz tomorrow: Electric Charge and Forces Study Guide

Do Now:


Consolidate Notes:


  1. Sketch an atom showing the location of its particles using the terms.

    • protons        neutrons             electrons             nucleus

  2.  Correctly label the charge of the particles that make up and atom as either positive, negative, or neutral.

  3.  Explain the difference between an atom and an ion.

  4.  Explain how an object acquires a static charge.

  5.  Identify and explain how similar electric charges behave and how different electric charges behave using the terms: attract and repel

  6. Identify and explain how the strength of charges or the distance between them affects electric forces.


Vocabulary to know:

static charge      ion                          insulator              conductor           electric field

In class static Experiments:

  • Repelling Balloons

  • Rolling Cans

  • PVC and Foil

  • Floating Pie Plates

  • Frizzy Hair

Conduct an experiment.

Describe what you tried.

Does it show forces that:

  • attract?

  • repel?


Grade 8 Agenda:


Do Now: