Grade 6

Focus Areas for grade 6

  • Understand how fossils and rock layers tell us how the Earth has changed over long periods of time.

  • Understand that different systems in the human body (like the skeletal and digestive systems) work together to keep a person alive.

  • Understand the concept of density. Explore materials’ differences in density.

  • Understand that a wave has energy and is a repeating pattern with a specific length, frequency, and amplitude.

  • Explain how different engineering solutions have different impacts on people and the environment.

Grade 7

Focus Areas for Grade 7

  • Understand the roles of energy and gravity in the water cycle.

  • Understand relationships between living things (organisms) and their environments (ecosystems).

  • Explain how we know that electrical, magnetic, and gravitational fields exist.

  • Use models to explain how heat transfers from hotter objects to colder objects.

  • Explore how transportation systems (like subways), communication systems (like TV), and structural systems (like buildings) work.

Grade 8

Focus areas for grade 8

  • Understand how the ocean affects weather and climate.

  • Use data to understand how human activity affects global temperatures.

  • Understand how genes and environments affect the growth of living things (organisms).

  • Understand how atoms combine in many ways to make the substances that make up all living and nonliving things.