Category Weights

Grading is based on a point system with category weighting.  Grading categories are as follows:

Quiz, Test, Project:          

  • 70% of term grade – based on points earned in this category.

Homework & Readiness: 

  • 10% of term grade – based on points earned in this category.

Reading Comprehension:

  • 10% of term grade – based on points earned in this category.

Class Participation:          

  • 10% of term grade - based on the Class Participation Rubric.

For a full description of typical assignments and point values, click here.


Graded projects and reports are accepted late but result in a reduction in the “Homework and Readiness” component of the student’s grade. Work may be refused for grading after one week has elapsed beyond the due date.

Extraordinary circumstances related to late work will be considered on a case by case basis.  A parent note that explains the circumstances should be presented on the due date for the assignment if extra time is necessary.

Work missed due to an excused absence from school (illness) may be made up during a "grace period" equal to the number of days absent plus one without penalty.  Additional time may be negotiated for; it is the student's responsibility to contact me to discuss extended due dates in advance.  

The student bears the responsibility for determining what work was missed during an absence and turning it in to me by the end of the grace period.  Assignments are posted on my Daily Agenda blog daily.

Grading Errors

Students are encouraged to keep graded papers and check PowerSchool to verify their scores have been entered accurately.  If a data entry error has occurred, please contact me to bring it to my attention for corrections.

From time to time students may disagree with a grade, or an error may occur in the grading of an assignment.  It is my policy to openly discuss any grading decision with a student when they wish to do so.

Students should submit suspected errors to me with the item in question circled and a note asking me to re-check the grading of the item.  If an error has been made, points will be adjusted accordingly.  

Questions regarding essay and open response items should be discussed one on one at a mutually agreeable time.  See me after class please.

Please note, assessment items that were not completed according to the instructions are not eligible for correction.