Homework is given to master important skills, practice concepts covered in class, or as preparation for the next day's lesson.  Most homework assignments are short overnight tasks, though some longer multi-day assignments are also given from time to time.  Homework is graded for timeliness, effort, and presentation quality with less emphasis on “getting the correct answer.”  Most assignments are assessed by a quick check in class and are awarded 1 homework point for demonstrating effort and readiness on time.  Some assignments are collected and assessed in greater detail on a 4 point scale.

A summary of homework guidelines including a sample is available here.


Homework checked in class receives 1 point for timeliness and apparent care and effort in preparation.  

Homework that is collected will be examined and graded on a 4 point scale according to the following rubric.

4 points:  Homework is in on time and correctly formatted.  Answers are well thought out, carefully explained, and generally correct.  The student's effort is obvious.

3 points:  Homework is in on time and correctly formatted.  Answers may need improvement or have significant errors, but the work clearly shows effort.

2 points:  Homework is late but otherwise would score as a “4” or the homework is on time but quality & effort need substantial improvement.

1 point:   Homework is late and quality and effort need substantial improvement.  Homework is "on time" but shows minimal effort. 

0 points:  Homework is more than one day late or shows no meaningful effort.

All homework scores are added into a single grading category along with other measures of readiness and effort.  Together, this accounts for 10% of the term grade.


Work that is not turned in receives no credit and is subject to a written warning or detention as circumstances warrant.

Late work may be accepted if it is turned in promptly, but a grade book note of "late" will be made.  Loss of partial credit, a written warning, or a detention may also be assessed as circumstances warrant.

Students should consider that turning in an assignment late often defeats its purpose.  If we have already used or gone over it in class, I am unlikely to offer credit for it.

Students: If you are unable to complete an assignment on time, it is your responsibility to obtain a note from a parent or guardian explaining the circumstances and requesting extra time.  This must be presented at the time the homework is due and I generally will honor the request.

Tardiness and early dismissals including sports dismissals are not accepted as an excuse for late work.  These are generally planned and should be managed through planning.  All assignments are posted on the class agenda daily and students are encouraged to call friends an email me for details.

Work missed due to an excused absence from school (illness) may be made up during a "grace period" equal to the number of days absent plus one without penalty.  Additional time may be negotiated for; it is the student's responsibility to contact me to discuss extended due dates in advance.  

The student bears the responsibility for determining what work was missed during an absence and turning it in to me by the end of the grace period.  Assignments are posted on my web page daily.  If you need assistance beyond this please stay after school or come in early fro assistance.