Monday, February 25, 2018 Day 4

Grade 7 Agenda:


Short quiz Wednesday - Be able to identify and label examples of:

  • Convection

  • conduction

  • radiation

Do Now:

Draw a coffee cup similar to the example on the front table.

Identify and describe all the ways heat can leave the cup. Focus on:

  • conduction

  • convection

  • radiation


Pass back and go over Chemistry Test


  • Developing a Scientific Test: Comparing the ability of two beverage containers to keep a drink hot.

    • What is a scientific test? 

  • Formulate a Scientific Question:

  • Identify Variables:

    • manipulated/independent

    • responding/dependent

    • controlled

  • Describe method



Grade 8 Agenda:


Quiz tomorrow on basic steps of cell cycle and mitosis.


Do Now:

In your science notebook - copy and respond to each question:

  • sketch an un-duplicated chromosome and a duplicated chromosome beside it.

  • label them and describe the relationship between them.

  • how many chromosomes are found in human body cells?



Pass back and go over DNA Quiz

Mitosis Review

Paired work: Cell Cycle and Mitosis Study guide Worksheet

Review of responses

Quiz on Mitosis Tomorrow