Wednesday, February 28, 2018 Day 6

Grade 7 agenda:


  • Solo cup test wrap up due before class tomorrow.

  • Paper version available for those who cannot complete online

Do Now:

  • Get out a pencil

  • sit quietly with hands folded

  • meditate on convection, conduction, and radiation


  • pass back and go over Part II of chemistry test

  • quiz - convection, radiation, conduction

  • work on solo cup test wrap up



  • genius hour


Grade 8 agenda:


Do Now:

Obtain a chromebook

  • log your chromebook number

look up:

  • agar plate

  • nutrient agar

    • what are these things?

    • how can they be used to grow microorganisms?


  • grading of mitosis and cell cycle quiz complete

  • grades returned yesterday for review

  • email me for a WIN pass if you want extra help leading to a re-take.


School Culture

  • We are going to culture microorganisms from around the school today.

    • form a group - 3 students no more or less.

    • identify a location of interest you want to search for microorganism.

    • Obtain a culture plate and a sharpie

    • label the plate cover with the date, location, and team member names

  • In your science notebook:

    • start with an appropriate title and date.

    • Record your team members, sample location

    • make a prediction:

    • describe and draw what you expect to find as a result on the culture plate.

  • Sampling

    • wipe a cue-tip over the surface of interest

    • wipe the cue-tip across the surface of the agar growth medium

    • replace the cover

    • store in the incubator