Thursday, March 15, 2018 Day 2



Grade 7 Agenda:


Research the following in your science notebook:

  • Why does land heat up more than water at the beach. 

  • Cite your source(s) in MLA format:


Do Now:

  1. Get out colored pencils and science notebook:

  2. keep your pencils and a writing instrument

  3. stack all other materials with your science notebook on top

  4. place these on counters


Convection, Conduction, and Radiation in Nature

  • Convection System Construction Activity:

  • group students

  • arrange tables

  • MAterials:

    • 1 sheet drawing paper

    • markers/colored pencils

    • red, blue, orange/yellow, brown

    • 1 sheet Convection System Cards

  • Cut out cards

  • draw diagram template on paper

  • groups to read and assess content of cards

  • discuss and decide how to arrange the cards

  • goal: produce a flow of air that creates a seabreeze

  • Seabreeze: a flow of air that forms a breeze from the ocean toward the land during the daytime

  • class discussion and production of correct diagram on board

  • Transfer to notebooks



Grade 8 agenda:



Do Now:

  • Please open your notebook to your "Genetics" notes from the chapter reading.

  • Get out a pencil and prepare for a short comprehension quiz



Genetics RC quiz