Friday, March 23, 2018 Day 2

Grade 7 Agenda:


Quiz is changed to Tuesday: Study guide

  • Please Prepare a personal study guide

    • base on guiding questions passed out in class

  • copy question, summarize knowledge from notes

Do Now:

Get out your flash cards.

  • Check student flash cards - check off the name of each student who has approx 24 flash cards prepared


Prepare a Study Guide for Monday's Quiz:

  • Copy and respond to each of the prompts in the "Guide Questions" linked below. Do this in your science notebook.  You may use notes or classroom materials to prepare this.

  • energy, Heat and systems Study Guide Questions

  • Pass out resources for student use as requested


Online Resources:



  • Genius Hour

  • Independent students Project work

Grade 8 agenda:

Genetics Since Mendel - Chapter Outline Instructions

  • Complete in-class

  • Pages 136 to 141 in Life's structure and Function

  • No textbooks to be taken home

  • Work will be finished in-class on Monday