Tuesday, March 6, 2018 Day 4


  • Special swap today...

Grade 7 agenda:


  • No HW

Do Now:

  • Get a copy of the test protocol with data table

  • meet with your lab group

  • select a cup to test



If you are not ready, you must complete a "plan" as HW tonight.

This is an individual requirement - every single student must submit (only if not approved today).


Cup Testing:

  • Select cup to test

  • Set up lab station.

  • 200 ml Water

  • Initial Temperature close to 75 deg. C

  • Same test protocol

  • Record data by the minute

  • timer - cell phone



Conference Time


Grade 8 Agenda:


  • Meiosis: What is the significance of this information in the world?

  • Discuss in a 5-7 sentence paragraph - in your science notebook.

  • Prepare neatly with a full heading on a separate page.

Do Now:

Please take out Annotated Script

Prepare to show your work:



Check HW Prep

Un-lectured: meiosis

group assignment and reseating

  • Slides 5 to 18

    • Read prompt

    • 1 minute of discussion

    • spinner

    • team response

    • Class feedback

    • Vocab List on Board