Friday, May 18, 2018 Day 6


Please read at the beginning of all classes.

Dear students: I am out unexpectedly today.

Please be respectful of your teacher at all times. I have left instructions to write down the name of anyone who is disrespectful or disruptive.  Anyone written down will receive a written warning. I appreciate your maturity and help in making this Friday a smooth and enjoyable end of the week.

Also remember that MCAS is being held in grade six.  Please be quiet and thoughtful of others taking their tests today.

sincere thanks,

Mr. wahlstrom

Grade 7 Agenda:


"Gravity - Not the Movie..." worksheet due finished on Sunday!

  • I will collect monday...

Do Now:

Write your name on the "Ah Ha and Hmm" worksheet.

Pass out a copy of the "Gravity - Not the Movie..." worksheet

  • Assign as homework.  Read the instructions to the entire class then have them put it away.


Pass out the "Gravity" Brainpop quiz

  • Students to take the quiz before viewing the movie

  • collect the "Ah Ha and Hmm" worksheets as they work


watch the movie: Gravity by BrainPop

  • They may change any answers on the quiz after the film

  • take the quiz as a class on the smart board

  • students to self-correct and keep their copy


Pass out the vocabulary and Activity Q&A worksheet

  • Students have until the end of class to discuss and fill in

  • tell them I will be grading completion effort, so work diligently

  • collect at end of class - finished or not


Any student who finishes early may study for the test next week.


  • Genius Hour presentation with Mr. Purcell


Grade 8 agenda:


Finish the video worksheet - it will be grade Monday

Watch the film again if you need to.


Do Now:

Obtain a copy of the Great transformations Worksheet



Watch the film "Great transformations" at this link

  • Scroll the video back to the very beginning segment about whales please!

It may also be watched from the DVD player on the HDTV - its all set up.

complete the worksheet as you watch

Teacher: feel free to Stop every ten minutes or so to allow some time to write

Take the movie as far as you can in the class time available.