Tuesday, May 22, 2018 Day 2



  • WIN rolled into classes.

Grade 7 Agenda:


Systems and cycles Test will be given Thursday

  • moved from Wednesday.

Do Now:

Get out your copy if the Earth's Interior packet you received


pass back Mantle Convection Posters

Review convection basics

  • Apply systems Language

    • inputs

    • outputs

    • process

    • feedback

Pass back Inside Earth Graphs and Data Tables

Model Creating a Graph and Data Table from Reading

Earth's Interior RC Quiz Results - scores released

  • all corrections that were submitted were graded and entered into Powerschool

Pass back Illig's Pond Poster grades

Test Study:

  • find your examples of

    • sea-breeze diagram

    • water cycle notes

    • mantle convection diagram

  1. What do these all have in common?

  2. How does each show convection?

  3. What kind of systems are these?

  4. What process(es) do each of these share in common?

  5. Can you identify the inputs and outputs of each system?


Discuss missing work with late students



Grade 8 Agenda:


How are fossils dated?

  • 3 sources

  • cite each in MLA format

  • summarize what you learn in your own words

Do Now:



Evidence of Evolution Slides

  • Finish Homologous structures

  • vestigial structures

    • pass back Great Transformations worksheet
    • connect homologous and vestigial
  • Embryology

  • DNA Evidence