Monday June 4, 2018 Day 4 (Day 3 schedule)


Ann Gobi  after RA in Mr. Purcell's room


Grade 8 agenda:

Finish Hiroshima Part I

Introduce Scavenger Hunt for Udvar Hazy

Have a nice trip to DC!

No WIN today (Used for Ann Gobi Assembly)

Grade 7 agenda:


  • Complete The Difference Between Mass and Weight for Wednesday

  • Complete Compare and Contrast assignment from class for tomorrow.

Graphs are Graded

  • Students who have not finished must do so today.

    • This work is late - will be reduced by one full letter grade

In Class:

Finish Graphing: Link for data answer key


Using your graphs as evidence:

Compare and contrast the effects of changing mass and distance on the strength of gravity.

  • Terms to use (underline in text):

    • directly proportional, inversely proportional

    • increase, decrease

    • linear, non-linear

Your writing should include:

  • a topic sentence that expresses a main idea you wish to communicate about gravity

  • identifies show changing mass or distance compares

  • identifies show changing mass or distance contrasts

  • uses evidence from the graphs to support your claims

Prepare your work on a separate sheet of paper in your science notebook

I must be double spaced and legible.