Tuesday, October 8, 2019 Day 6


Morning advisory:

Respect and disrespect

  • Form groups

  • cut out respect/disrespect examples

  • group by theme

  • What makes a person feel respected or disrespected

Grade 7 agenda:

Do Now:

Please get out your lab notes from yesterday.


Spreadsheet of an Irregular Object Spreadsheet due Friday.


Students to complete measurement.

Students to review Density of a Wooden Block Challenge Assignment - graded with comments.

Students to complete Density of an Irregular object Assignment in Google Classroom

Your spreadsheet must include the following information:

  • station

  • object

  • initial volume

  • final volume

  • volume of the object

  • mass

  • density

  • The cells for “Vo and Density must be programmed to calculate from the measurement data

Afternoon advisory:

Grade 8 agenda:

Do Now:

  1. Please get out your copy of the lesson outline due today

  2. obtain a copy of the Chemical Properties and Change Lesson Outline Comprehension Check

    • sit away from others

    • complete it using the lesson outline

    • turn it in.



Collect Comprehension check.

SLANT: what are chemical properties?

  1. any characteristic of matter that is observed when it changes into a different type of matter

  2. clues that a different type of matter has formed are any changes in the properties of the matter.

    • these clues can be changes in chemical or physical properties

    • density, color, flavors, odors, melting/boiling point

    • literally any changes to the properties of a substance can be signs of chemical changes.

  3. Example:

  4. Chemical property: Wood burns

    • new substances: ash, smoke, gasses

    • changes in properties: becomes ash - fine gray powder

    • wood is solid - smoke is a gas

  5. Chemical changes: A change to matter that creates a totally new substance.

    • the new substances have different properties form the original substances

    • The new substances have different identities/composition

Team brainstorm:

Collaborate with a team to identify possible chemical properties and changes.

Activity Worksheet

time to collaborate

time to share.

Afternoon dismissal: