Friday, October 4, 2019. Day 4


Morning advisory:

Grade 7 agenda:

Do Now:



Review of Displacement Lab Spreadsheet

  • Returned with grade last night

Complete and turn in density of wood spreadsheet

  • All data entered

  • compute volume

  • compute density

  • add a row for average density

  • turn in.

Design a spreadsheet to find the density of an irregularly shaped object.

  • you will use a triple beam balance to find the mass

  • you will use a graduated cylinder and water to find the volume by displacement.

  • Your spreadsheet must include the following information:

    • station

    • object

    • initial volume

    • final volume

    • volume of the object

    • mass

    • density

  • The cells for “Vo and Density must be programmed to calculate from the measurement data

Afternoon advisory:

Grade 8 agenda:

Do Now:


Physical change quiz on Monday.


Collect Conservation of Mass Reading Comp

Log into Glencoe iScience textbook

Read Chemical Properties and Change

Afternoon dismissal: