Wednesday, October 2, 2019. Day 2


Morning advisory:

Grade 7 agenda:

Do Now:

Copy your homework into your agenda.

Please get out your density HW problems

  • I am collecting it.

Get a copy of “What is the density of wood?”

  • Complete the pre-lab activity on the worksheet


No homework.


Collect HW - Density Problems.

Introduce “What is the density of wood.”

Show Brainpop Buoyancy.

Assign teams and stations.


Afternoon advisory:

Grade 8 agenda:

Do Now:


  1. Quiz on Friday: Physical Changes to Matter

  2. Study Guide

    • Define physical change.

    • describe and Give examples if physical changes to matter

      • changes in appearance, size, shape, etc

      • dissolving - making solutions

      • changes in state between solid, liquid, and gas

    • Vocabulary

      • melting - freezing

      • boiling - condensing

      • sublimation - deposition

      • melting point

      • freezing point

    • The Law of Conservation of Mass

  3. complete the lesson three review on page 401 of the text (see image below


Slant: physical changes to matter

  1. physical change: any change which alters the form or appearance of matter but does not change its identity

    • changes in

      • size or shape

      • temperature

      • shape

      • state

  2. changes in state occur when thermal energy is added or taken away

    • melting/freezing

    • boiling/condensation

    • sublimation/deposition

  3. dissolving is a physical change

    • a sample of matter with breaks up into its individual particles and mixes evenly with another substance

  4. mass is always conserved during physical changes

Conservation of Mass

  1. Mass is conserved during any physical or chemical change

    • this assumes the change occurs in a closed system

    • matter cannot enter or leave

    • all the same particles are present

    • only the arrangement, location, or motion of the particles can change.

  2. Time to complete lesson review.

Afternoon dismissal: