Thursday, February 8, 2018 Day 3



  • Conference Time

Grade 8 Agenda:


  • Prepare for a quiz on DNA on Tuesday.

  • Finish TODAY'S worksheet for TOMORROW if not DONE in class.

  • Peer edit of DNA narrative will be done in ELA.

  • Final draft of the essay must be pasted into the google classroom assignment created for this purpose.

  • Final Due date: Monday

Read and complete the worksheet on Mutations and Sickle Cell Anemia.

Pass out quiz study guide.

  • A review will be given on Tuesday.

As time permits you may prepare study notes or other materials for the quiz.

  • Make a list of questions you have to clarify what is on the quiz and what you want to review.

Grade 7 Agenda:


  • Part II of the test will be given tomorrow.

  • Focus study on density, the law of conservation of mass, and changes of state.

CHEMISTRY and Chemical reactions Test PArt I

  • The test will be split into two parts today due to the shortened classes today.

  • Part II will be given tomorrow.

If you finish early, you may quietly study for tomorrow.

Students who do not finish will have their tests collected and returned to them tomorrow to finish.