March 20, 2018 Day 5

Grade 8 agenda:


Quiz tomorrow on  heredity and Genetics Vocab: M/C and word-bank format.

Do Now:

  • Take out Flash Cards:

  • Complete Brainpop Worksheet - take copy from front table.

  • Flash Card Check


Quiz tomorrow: M/C and word-bank format.

Punnett Sq. Skills

  • Interpreting Genetics word problems

  • identify dominant and recessive forms

  • identify letter for Dom. and rec. alleles

  • identify homozygous and heterozygous genotypes

  • creating gametes

  • placing gametes on the punnet sq.

  • filling in punnet sq.

  • analyzing phenotype and genotype probability






Grade 7 Agenda:


Do Now:

  • Take out HW from last night

  • Check, collect, assess


  • Diagramming the Sea Breeze system - Land Half

  • inputs

  • processes

  • outputs

  • feedback

  • Convection Demo

Heat Transfer system Demo