Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Day 6

Grade 7 Agenda:


System Lab Follow Up:

Do Now:

  • Please get out your HW:

  • Pass it in on the table up front.


System Lab:

  • Prepare a notebook page with an appropriate heading

    • Sketch the system

  • Lab Protocol

    • Class timer will be provided.

    • Measure temperatures every minute

    • Quiet class - only lab oriented discussion is permitted

    • 1st warning, name on board, 2nd Written, 3rd Detention

  • Carefully Observe and describe evidence of the following:

    • Inputs to the system

    • Processes within the system

    • Outputs from the system

    • Any Feedback that alters inputs

    • changes within the system

  • Use this information to complete your homework for evaluation by me.


  • Genius Hour


Grade 8  agenda:


Do Now:

Clear your desks and prepare for a quiz.


Pass back and go over Heredity RC Quiz

Quiz - Heredity and genetics Vocabulary

When finished: Work on and complete:

World Down Syndrome Day worksheet

Punnett Practice