Thursday, March 29, 2018 Day 6



Grade 7 agenda:


video and worksheet due tomorrow:

  • Earth's Water Cycle: Video and worksheet

  • complete worksheet including reflection in science notebook


Comprehension Quiz - the hydrologic cycle

  • Open notes

  • 7 minute quiz

Review of notes: The hydrologic cycle


Slant: The water cycle (15 minutes)

Diagramming with basic processes

  • Simplified diagram


  • Change of state

  • energy needed - water absorbs it

  • causes cooling (sweat)


  • evaporation from plants

  • plants are like straws

  • moving water form soil to atmosphere

  • 1% used by plant, 99% to atmosphere


  • change of state

  • releases energy - warms atmosphere

  • can power storms (thunderstorms, hurricanes)

  • forms clouds


  • water particles (liquid or solid) grow in clouds

  • too heavy - fall to earth

  • rain, snow, etc.


  • excess water frlowing over land to sea

  • rivers, lakes, ponds result

  • completes cycle to oceans

Earth's Water Cycle: Video and worksheet

  • Time to work on, complete in class.