March 30, 2018 Day 1



Grade 8 Agenda:


Finished critters and colored chromosomes due Monday

Do Now:

Get out "Cross a Critter" Worksheet



Return Heredity quiz - or recollect to enter grades

Get out "Critter Project" Intro

  • Assign Alleles

    • Dominant - column A

    • Recessive - COLUMN B

Identify genotypes for phenotypes

Copy onto worksheets

Chromosome Coloring

Project folders




Genius Hout

Grade 7 agenda:


Water cycle Flash cards due monday for HW

Do Now:

Open up Science notebook to HW and get out worksheet


Pass back and go over Heat and systems quiz

Water cycle Worksheet:

  • Line Dance

  • clipboards

  • compare answers

  • edit and enhance

class discussion - share and discuss

  • For Thought  Homework discussion


Water cycle quiz Tuesday

  • DIAGRAM water cycle

  • identify, define and explain

    • evaporation

    • transpiration

    • condensation

    • precipitation

    • runoff

systems topics included

Flash cards due monday for HW

Choose a part of water cycle - diagram system fit together into whole


Diagram Assignment: