Monday, April 2, 2018 Day 2



Video of the Day: Water Cycle by The Bazillions

Grade 7 Agenda:


Quiz: Water Cycle and Systems tomorrow

Do Now:

  • Take a copy of the DIAGRAM below.

  • identify names for processes that occur in this cycle

  • label location(s) where you think they occur

Water Cycle - Coloring Master.jpg


You will be assigned one of the colored boundaries in the diagram shown below.

  • get into your color group

  • create a system sketch base don your assigned boundary

  • add inputs, processes, outputs to your diagram

Use the WORD-BANK below

  • terms may be used or not used as many times as needed

condensation                  evaporation                    convection (energy)        groundwater flow

precipitation                   radiation (energy)         raindrop growth              raindrops

root absorption               runoff                            stream-flow                      transpiration

                                         water droplets               water vapor

Water Cycle with Boundaries.jpg


Identify and discuss 3 states of water in the water cycle - solid, liquid gas

Identify and discuss changes of state - liquid to vapor, vapor to liquid, liquid to solid, solid to liquid

Identify and discuss changes in energy

  • evaporation (absorbs)

  • condensation (releases)

  • transpiration (absorbs)


Soc-emo survey

Grade 8 agenda:


Make five data tables in your science notebook identical to the one below for each of five offspring.

Do Now:

  • Get out your folders.

  • Place your finished critters and chromosomes on the table for a check please.


Finish chromosome construction per these instructions

  • Color both sides on your chromosome models as instructed on the chromosome sheet. 

  • Label each gene with the alleles (genotype) you determine from your critter’s phenotype.  Write this on the back (the side without the trait label).  Also write your initials on this side so you can identify it if it gets mixed up.

  • Cut the chromosomes into genes (colored bands).  You should have two genes of identical color (one from each chromosome).

  • For the sex chromosomes, keep the whole chromosome in a single piece.

Make five data tables in your science notebook identical to the one below for each of five offspring.

2018 Heredity Project Reproduction Data Table.JPG

Other details:

  • envelopes for storage

Genetics Since Mendel - Powerpoint and Notes