Wednesday, April 25, 2018. Day 2



Grade 7 agenda:


  • No Homework

Do Now:

  • Please get out your handout and calculations from Yesterday


Check calculations up to this point

model on board

Students to complete draft of calculations

check for "Good" Results

Once you have a good result - normalize data for seconds

Our other flows are calculated in m3 per second

How will you convert this to the same unit?

Do so.

conclude: Is precipitation an important factor in the Pond system?


Precipitation data and FINDING average PRECIPITATION per day

  • What volume of water falls as precipitation on Illig's Pond in the month of April?


  • Genius Hour Presentations

Grade 8 Agenda:


Do Now:

Get out your noted from Yesterday' Reading round-table



  • Review responses to READING ROUNDtable worksheet

    • Variation versus adaptation - small group discussion

    • Sharing of ideas

  • Ideas About Evolution Part II