Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Day 1



Grade 8 agenda:


  • Finish reading Roundtable as needed

Do Now:

  • Please pass in your "Naturally selected to survive" responses

  • do not pass in original article





Grade 7 Agenda:


complete Illig's Pond Evaporation estimate as needed


Do Now:

Open up to last nights homework. Under it, begin completing the do now while I check it.

copy and solve the following problem in your science notebook.  Give your work a title and date. 

show all work using FDSS format or similar steps.

How many textbooks would it take to cover Illig's pond?


  • Illig's pond has a surface area of 12,000 square meters.

  • a rectangular textbook has the dimensions:

  • length = 0.28 m

  • width = 0.22 m



collect evaporation containers.

measure and record water volume

Find the estimated volume of water evaporating from Illig's pond using this worksheet

  • complete in your science notebook using the instructions on the sheet

  • do this for two containers.