Tuesday, April 10, 2018. Day 2



Grade 7 Agenda:


Come to class tomorrow prepared to go outside.

  • boots strongly recommended.

  • long pants warm clothes strongly recommended,

  • We will be outside in temperatures of around 40 deg. F for 45 minutes.

Do Now:

  • Pass in any system drawings from yesterday.

Illig's Pond and surrounding area. Click here for a full size image.



Estimate the size of Illig's pond using the following resources.

Assess image of Illig's pond for possible inlets and outlets.

  • Look for evidence of features suggesting strams and waterways.

  • locate on map

  • catelog and prepare to identify on ground.



  • Conferences


Grade 8 Agenda:



Do Now:



Completion of Critter Posters - Task List:

preliminary tasks

  1. label chromosomes, alleles and names

  2. cut out chromosomes - organize with critters

  3. make Punnett squares, analyze phenotype probability

  4. type and print

  5. cut out for mounting

Poster assembly

  1. rough sketch of layout

  2. include creative elements

  3. transfer to oak-tag

  4. use ruler, pencil for layout

  5. organization is important 

  6. Glue and mount

  7. finish with color - erase pencil layout marks