Monday, April 9, 2018. Day 1


  • Special swap this morning - 2nd period special for grade 8

Grade 8 Agenda:


Do Now:



Punnet Square Solutions:

  • review co-dominance problem set

Making Punnet squares for your Critter Family

  • one per each trait plus sex

  • use parents alleles

  • calcualate and show probability of each phenotype

  • total 7

Critter Project Poster Assignment


  • Second Step


Grade 7 Agenda:



Do Now:

  • Please take out your system diagrams.

  • Be sure your name is on your work.


Around the World

System balance share-out

identify system

identify the stock you are tracking

Explain inputs and outputs

Discuss: is the stock constant, increasing, or decreasing?  why or Why not?

What bakes a SYSTEM stable? What makes a system SUSTAINABLE?

Website links and notes:


  • Is your system stable and sustainable.

  • What is needed for a system to be stable and SUSTAINABLE?

  • Finish as HW if needed.

  • Collect poster