Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Day 6


  • Normal R/A today followed by MCAS 2nd period.

Grade 8 Agenda:


Do Now:


Evolutionary Arms Race:

In your science notebook:

  1. prepare answers to each of the four questions

  2. number RESPONSES 1 to 4

  3. USe TTQA format

  4. leave 5 blank spaces under each question

  5. 10 minutes - prepare for around the world and class share-out



  • No WIN due to MCAS


Grade 7 Agenda:


Do Now:



RC Quiz Results - Release and review:

Do you Want to improve your grade?

  • For each incorrect answer:

  1. Copy the question

  2. Copy the incorrect answer you gave.

  3. Write the correct answer.

  4. Add a quote from the text that supports the correct answer.

  • See this example:

    • typed and shared work is preferred

    • neatly hand written is acceptable

    • due Friday - no exceptions

work that is not correctly formatted, neatly prepared, or shows little effort will not be accepted.

Mantle Convection

  • Research mantle convection:

  • your goals:

    • Create a diagram showing mantle convection

    • model it as a system

    • Identify and describe (in writing) inputs, processes, outputs and any possible feedback

    • vocabulary to use:

      • energy   dense/density   convection   heat

    • Your diagram must be full color and include APPROPRIATE titles and text so you can use it as a presentation aide in CONVERSATION with peers.

    • It must be neat and professional


Short Video