Monday, September 30, 2019. Day 6


Morning advisory:


  • open your agenda books

  • take out any homework you have for humanities classes.

  • Watch the TED Talk

Grade 7 agenda:

Do Now:

  1. Please get a chrome book.

  2. do not turn it on.


Complete the “Displacement Lab Spreadsheet Exercise” for Wednesday


SLANT: Simple calculations in a spreadsheet

  1. data entry

    • no units

  2. mathematical operators

    • =

    • +

    • -

    • /\*

    • ()

  3. syntax

    • Select the cell where you want the calculation made

    • begin with the equal sign ”=”

    • select the cell containing the first number you want to calculate with

    • enter your mathematical operator

    • select the second cell you want to calculate with

  4. pressing “enter” completes the calculation

GOOGLE Classroom - Spreadsheet Assignment

Time to complete in class

Afternoon advisory:

Grade 8 agenda:

Do Now:

  1. Copy HW in your agenda

  2. Key Concept Walk Line Dance

  3. Get a clipboard and a worksheet

  4. Line up in the hallway for a Line dance


Complete the “Where did it go” minilab worksheet for Tuesday

  • It must be neat and legible - best penmanship required


Minilab: Where did it go?

At each station is an assemble of a balloon containing sugar stretched over the opening of a flask.

  • DO NOT tip the balloon so it dumps the sugar into the flask.

  • In your science notebook:

  1. Set up a page with a title and date.

  2. Draw a picture of the flask-balloon assembly

  3. Mass the flask-balloon assembly

    • record and label this in your notes.

  4. tip up the balloon so it dumps the sugar into the flask

    • Describe/sketch the appearance of the flask

  5. swirl the flask until the sugar is dissolved

  6. Mass the flask-balloon assembly again

    • record and label measurement this in your notes.

  7. Describe/sketch the appearance of the flask

Complete the Minilab worksheet

Pass back and go over physical changes Lesson Outline

SLANT Law of Conservation of Mass

Afternoon dismissal: